Monday, June 7, 2010

Its Show Time!

T minus five days and counting. Oy.

How am I feeling? Excited, relieved, and petrified. Ready for my preparation to come to fruition.

The last two weekends has been all about logging more and more kilometers. Last weekend, my friend Ben joined me, despite my high maintenance of being slow, riding at an un-godly morning hour, and taking an easy route. We went from my house, to Burlington, across the Mississauga, and back home - a full 68km! I followed it up the next day with another 41km into Milton, although I was hurting pretty good after that one.

Headed out for another 119km this weekend. The second ride was my longest yet - 71km. Didn't beat my previous best by much, but it was by far the hardest ride I have had. Aaron and I worked our way North of Oakville, in nasty 25 km/h head winds, doing absolutely ridiculous escarpment climbs. It was basically a roller coaster for 10km. Three times I made it halfway up before I had to stop and walk up the rest. Aaron would coast up the hills, come back down to see if I was okay, then go back up the hill. On one of them, he went up the second time blindfolded and eating an apple. Show off. Going down the hills on the way back was much more fun. I actually reached 49 km/h. I think. It may have been faster but I was afraid to take my eyes off the road.

Over the past month, I have completely lost count of the number of times I have been passed by other cyclists on the road. Particularly going east and west along Lakeshore Boulevard between Southdown Road and Brant Street - a popular route for cyclists. Once, I was heading home, and two women about my age wearing team jerseys called out "on you left!" as they leisurely passed me and took off. Experienced riders I thought. About five minutes later, two more women wearing the same jerseys passed by, except they they were both about 10 years older, and about my size. Alrighty then. About five minutes after that, one more women passed, easily pushing sixty, and maybe another10 pounds heavier. Kids in passing cars were pointing at me and laughing.

Finally, this past weekend, I was able to do my own passing. Twice, in fact. Never mind that the first one was 12 years old, and the second was again pushing sixty and much bigger than me. And on a mountain bike. And carrying three backpacks of cargo on the back.

Beggers can't be choosers.

It has been a long ride (pardon the pun), and all joking aside, this is going to be one magical weekend. Thousands of people riding at least 200km, to find a cure. I think it will be a very emotional experience, for me personally, and for anyone who may have been affected by this horrible disease. I have been asking you all for months to donate to the cause, and so many of you have stepped up.

I want to take this opportunity to HONOUR the following people for supporting my ride to conquer cancer:

Zak, Shelly, and Jacob Bhamani
Riaz, Julie, Claire, Josie, and Elliot Bhamani
Michael, Oliver, Henry, Tim, and Christine Wilson
Sandy and Roger Butcher
Laura Croucher
Chris Reid
Joseph Watson
Lisa Anderson
Chris, Sarah, and Casey Butcher
Brian Uchikata and Jennier McCutcheon
Diane Jeffreys
Phil and Barb Lafleche
Jamie Belcher and Tiffany Seccareccia
Chris Hough
Jonathan and Laura Butcher
Diane Butcher
Katherine Ros
Andrea Bruce
Armen Ashekian
Amanda Pieris
Stephen Weir and Wendy Litner
Shab and Kevin Fernandes
Sean McGill
Richard and Barbara Umpherson
Kristy Dickson and Ian Hons
Zibby Braine
Dawn and Paul Nicholson
Preeti Nigam
Nicholas and Katherine Lal
Karen Crouteau
Andrea Cohen
Ben Bilton
Lisa Green and Joel Fornecki
and countless other anonymous donors

You should all know what wonderful, caring, and supportive people you are. Remember that you have made a difference in someone's life. Thank you.

It is not too late to join this list of honourees. You can donate to the ride by clicking on the link at the top right of this page.

My next post will be my last, a re-cap of this coming weekends events. I hope you will all tune in.

See you at the finish line.


  1. Hey there, best of luck. Remember that you can do anything you want to do. I think your accomplishments so far are amazing and look forward to hearing your victory cheers. As a gift to you I'm heading over to a&h's on Friday with some new beer that he wants to try so I'll ensure he's properly handicapped. Good luck, will be thinking of you. Lisa

  2. Congrats on your amazing training. I know it has been no easy feat trying to squeeze in being an amazing daddy, husband and training, but you managed to do it all! Sofia promises to let you sleep in the weekend after the ride. Good luck and we'll be there cheering you on!

  3. I don't think you're as amazing as these other commenters seem to believe, but I know you will kick butt this weekend!

    What an awesome achievement, I hope you keep the blog going. Armen

  4. Before you know it 200 K will be over - the last bit will be fueled by adrenaline and emotion. You will be passed by a few riders this weekend but I think you will also pass at least one or maybe two :) Have a great time and I'm sorry I will not be at the top of Erin Centre hill to cheer the KPMG team on - I'm seriously considering doing the Alberta one next year. You should be proud of how far you have come - from thinking about it to doing it in one year is impressive!