Saturday, February 6, 2010

Training Update


So, apparently, having a new born child in the house can sometimes create scheduling difficulties.

Who knew?

It has been nearly three weeks since my last post. I was told that having a child would consume all available time. No kidding. I stayed home after Sofia was born for about two weeks, and struggled to have any semblance of productivity. For example - on the Wednesday before I went back to work, I had planned to get into the basement for a ride on my trainer for just half an hour. Instead, our day consisted of waking up, getting out of bed (because trust me they are two different tasks), had lunch, entertained one visitor, and going for a 15 minute walk. By then, it was 7:00 pm. We had dinner, fed Sofia, and went to bed. What a full day. I was hoping that by going to work, being on more of a set schedule would help my do more. Unfortunately, catch up week at work is a busy one, and I wasn't home before 7 all week.

Thus, my training has been limited over the last three weeks, but it is starting to really feel good when I do get a session in. I have now been to three spin classes since my first, and I think I am getting into them. The one I went to this past Sunday felt good - I was able to keep up with the degree of tension on the bike the whole hour, and kept up the pace about 80% of the time. I find I hit a couple of walls during the class, but overcoming them is getting easier. I have been able to get on the trainer just a few times over the same period. But while Sofia's mood tends to change more often than I hear that stupid CTV olympic theme each day, we are settling more and more into a routine, which should make things easier going forward.

I can say that my body is starting to feel better. I feel more and more refreshed everytime I exercise, albeit pretty sore, and I am starting to feel more and more confident that I can get myself prepared for this adventure. Having lost a few pounds over the last month doesn't hurt either.

Now if only I could work on being on a MOVING bike, I may get somewhere.

Aaron is putting together a training schedule for us, and I plan to post each week's itinerary so you can follow along.

Fundraising is going well. Aaron and I are both about a third of the way to our goals, and we are just putting the final touches on prizes for a raffle, which means I will be hitting up each and everyone of you to buy tickets. I will share more details when I have them.

I promise it won't be another three weeks. I missed you all too much.

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